We Fight Your Tickets

Whether you are a business owner whose trucks are constantly being ticketed or an individual facing a yellow or pink ticket, our attorneys have the experience you need.

Serving Drivers Throughout The Five Boroughs, Long Island And Westchester 

Premier Legal Representation For Traffic Offenses And Criminal Moving Violations

Traffic tickets in New York City quickly add up to costly points violations, charges and fines. At The Law Office of Mindy Paget Brill, we take allegations of traffic violations seriously. With more than three decades of combined experience, our highly skilled attorneys know the courts. We stay current with the ever-evolving nature of parking regulations and driving laws. Penalties for criminal moving violations are carrying harsher penalties every year.

We provide guidance and legal advocacy for effectively handling all matter of traffic offenses for individual drivers, business owners as well as fleets of commercial delivery vehicles.

Do Not Ignore Your Tickets

Many people look at tickets as just another part of doing business in New York City, but that doesn’t mean you do not need to take these tickets seriously – especially since they can impact your bottom line.

Pink and yellow tickets add points to your driving record. In some cases, simply paying your ticket actually works against your driving record. Fighting your traffic tickets can keep your license from accumulating penalties against you or your fleet of commercial vehicles. Let us help you.

Contact Us For Honest, Effective Legal Guidance

At The Law Office of Mindy Paget Brill, we are committed to providing business owners and individuals with personalized, effective legal guidance for their alleged traffic violation or parking offense. We offer free consultations. Call our office in Manhattan at 212-634-2843 or send us an email.

What Our Clients Say

“Reputations are earned by Commitment to Service, and so with the The Law Office of Mindy Paget Brill ! Mindy and Jonathan are Consummate Professionals whose Ethics and Performance leave the competition by the Wayside because of the enhanced Contact and Attention to Detail. The Team is always available for Information sharing and the Client is never in a Quandary as to the Status of the Case! Kudos to a Firm that Knows how to get Business Done!!!”  – Matthew I.

What Our Clients Say

“We have been working with Mindy for over 10 years. She takes care of all our traffic matters in the Traffic Violations Bureau and does the great job. It is such a pleasure to work with her!” – Perla A.

What Our Clients Say

“Speeding ticket. Took care of the entire matter, to my satisfaction, with no inconvenience. Highly recommend.” – John P.

What Our Clients Say

“Always a pleasure. I am a manager for onsite demolition and I have been working with Mindy for quite a few years now. My trucks receive tickets for overweight and other smaller violations, sometimes 10 violations at one time. Never had to pay for all the tickets received, she managed to get 90% dismissed. Never had any reason to look elsewhere. All my conversations are informative and very personable. Mindy is great in court and often gets most of our cases dismissed and/or reduced. I would definitely recommend The Law Office of Mindy Paget Brill!” – Dani W.“Speeding ticket. Took care of the entire matter, to my satisfaction, with no inconvenience. Highly recommend.” – John P.