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Can the DLSRA help restore your suspended drivers’ license?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Traffic Violations |

Having a drivers’ license is crucial for many New York residents. You may consider traffic tickets an inconvenient hazard of your daily commute. However, when they result in license suspension, it can affect your ability to get to work on time, care for your kids and handle unexpected life events.

According to MSN, the Drivers’ License Suspension Reform Act can reinstate people’s licenses suspended due to nonpayment of traffic fines. It also ends the practice of suspending the license in the first place.

What can the DLSRA do for you?

If you had your license suspended because you could not afford the fines, you can create a payment plan and get it reinstated. Under the new statute, you can petition the court to reduce or waive the total amount due in fines, fees and surcharges you owe, but a $70 reinstatement fee is a mandatory part of the payment plan.

What if your drivers’ license remains suspended?

You can confirm the reason for suspension by contacting the DMV via phone or online. If it has the official cause as “failure to pay traffic fines,” the DLSRA should automatically clear it. While the legislation only removes a suspension for that reason automatically, it makes clear the following reasons for suspension easier:

  • Failing to answer a summons
  • Driving without insurance
  • Nonpayment of the driver responsibility assessment

You can contact the traffic agency or court that issued the ticket or traffic summons in these situations. Pleading guilty or not guilty and requesting a hearing might clear the suspension. However, paying civil penalties or setting up the payment plan may be a necessary part of the process. The monthly amount could be 2% of your net monthly income or $25, whichever is higher.

If a license suspension hurts your ability to get to work and care for your family, understanding your options is critical. Depending on the circumstances of the suspension, you might get your license restored without paying high fines or having to attend court.