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What is an OATH violation?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | OATH Violations |

The Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings handles cases involving tickets related to the quality of life laws. These include hazards, such as building code violations or sanitation issues.

OATH violations are those that fall into these categories. They fall into three classes, lesser, major and immediately hazardous.


An OATH violation may come from various agencies in the state. You could receive them from the fire, sanitation, or building officials. Anyone working within a state or local government agency may issue a violation.


If you receive an OATH violation, you can clear it by fixing whatever the issue is and showing proof you fixed it to the issuing agency. If you have a lesser or major violation, you have 40 days to correct the issue. You will not have to go to a hearing or have an imposed penalty. You may also get an extension of 75 days if you request it and admit you are at fault in the situation. If you have an immediately hazardous violation, you can admit fault by mail and pay a penalty. Otherwise, you must go to a hearing. The lesser and major violations can also close out their cases by mail.

Do note that closing a case does not mean you are in the clear. The only way to completely avoid further OATH violations or other legal issues is to correct the problem that led to the violation. It is in your best interests to make sure you clear up the underlying issue and resolve any violations as quickly as possible. OATH violations typically represent situations in which someone could get hurt or even killed, so fixing it is beneficial to everyone.