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Could you get a ticket from a camera?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Speeding Tickets |

New York City is a busy place. As such, law enforcement cannot stay on top of everything happening on the roads. Not only are roadways crowded, making it tough for officers to capture every infraction but also there is so much going on that the limited number of officers cannot possibly catch every instance of someone breaking road laws. They will typically focus on the most dangerous issues.

To assist officers in ensuring roads are safe from excessive speeding issues, the city has various speed cameras in place. These cameras are all in school zones, which require reduced speeds for the safety of children as they go to and from school.


Despite the cameras being in school zones, they do not have limited operating hours. School zones usually have specific times of the day when they are in operation based on when the children are in attendance and due to arrival and dismissal times. It may be easy to assume that these cameras are only in operation during those specific times that children are present. But this is not true. They run every hour of every day, and therefore, they can and will catch you speeding no matter when you do it.


The cameras send out notices to anyone caught exceeding the speed limit. You will get a Notice of Liability in the mail. Usually, it will come about 14 days after the infraction occurs. The fine is a flat rate of $50.


If you have an issue with a camera or a notice, you can contact the Department of Transportation to report the camera as having an issue. If you have a problem with the fine or dispute you were speeding, that would need to go through the normal channels for speeding tickets.