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Tips to avoid flying into road rage

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2022 | Reckless Driving |

Even at the best of times, driving in and around New York City can pose a long list of challenges. Sometimes, though, frustrations mount and you might want to take your anger out on the nearest driver.

Remaining calm and in control of your emotions is always the best path. A few common sense tips can help you keep your cool.

Avoid escalation

According to the Defensive Driving organization, road rage incidents become serious when they escalate from a minor encounter to a serious one. This tends to happen when neither driver backs down, so when possible you should seek to improve the situation. Any of these actions could potentially eliminate a stressful situation on the roadways:

  • Make space between you and aggressive drivers
  • Do not respond to a rude gesture with one of your own
  • Do not curse back at someone who yells at you first
  • Tap your horn lightly if necessary but use your horn sparingly

Do not get caught in a competitive mindset. Your goal on the roads does not involve beating another driver to an exit or a parking spot, but remains arriving safely at your destination.

Adjust your attitude

If you feel stressed or tired or upset, your driving habits could suffer. When possible, calm down before getting behind the wheel.  Other drivers make mistakes, so give them the benefit of the doubt and avoid taking everything on the road as a personal affront.

You can play a powerful role in staying out of dangerous encounters with other drivers. This will promote your safety on the roads and help you keep your driving record in excellent shape.