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Tips for disputing a parking ticket

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2022 | Parking Tickets, Traffic Violations |

Parking tickets can seem like an unavoidable aspect of your life in New York City. If you are new to the area, you may still be unfamiliar with the city’s parking rules, such as not parking in a crosswalk. Even long-time city drivers may unintentionally park in a spot not acceptable for parking.

Motorists need to understand restrictions to avoid an infraction. However, if you receive a ticket, you have options for disputing the charge.

Check for mistakes on the ticket

Officers may write hundreds or thousands of tickets in a year, so mistakes can happen. Read the parking ticket carefully. The ticket lists the violation and the amount of the fine. The paper should also list the date and time of the violation and the location. Make sure all of this information is accurate before you do anything else.

Any missing, incorrect or illegible elements may mean an automatic dismissal of your ticket. The location of the violation can be a common error. If you can demonstrate the place does not exist or use photos to prove you were not there, you might avoid paying a ticket.

Prepare a defense

If you believe you did not violate the law or have another reason why you should not have to pay the fine, you can request a hearing. At the session, you have an opportunity to present your defense and convince the hearing officer that you should not have to pay the fine.

If you get a parking ticket in New York City, you do not necessarily have just to accept it and pay the fine. The city offers a process that you can follow to challenge the ticket and have the government dismiss it.