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Ways to fight a red light violation

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Traffic Violations |

Even seemingly minor traffic violations can lead to fines and penalties that add up quickly and may result in points on your license. If you received a ticket for a red light violation, you may feel as though you have no recourse. Red light tickets are not indefensible. With the right approach, you may beat the ticket and save the cost of the fine.

There are a few options for fighting a red light violation.

It was unsafe for you to stop

If the light turned red when you were already unsafely in the intersection, the court may consider it safer for you to proceed through the intersection than to stop in the middle of it. If someone was driving up behind you at the light too quickly to safely stop without causing an accident, that is a reasonable explanation as well.

Your brakes malfunctioned

When you made every effort to stop but the brakes on your car malfunctioned, showing proof of the repair may get the ticket dismissed. Keep the detailed invoices from the repair shop to illustrate this.

Something obstructed the light

In some intersections, trees and other obstructions can make the traffic lights difficult to see. The city typically trims those trees to maintain a clear view, but sometimes it still happens. When you have a violation from a traffic light you could not see, document the location to show the court.

Fighting a red light violation can save you costly penalties and the potential for additional enforcement actions. Know your rights and the options available to contest these charges.