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The legality of removing a boot from your car in New York

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Traffic Violations |

In the hustle and bustle of New York, parking restrictions are a daily reality for city dwellers and visitors. Tickets, fines and even the dreaded boot can be a part of parking in the city. Many vehicle owners wonder about the legality of removing a boot from their car.

Towing and booting are common enforcement measures used in New York to handle parking violations. Understand the regulations and potential repercussions of intervening in these methods of enforcement.

Dealing with a booted vehicle

In New York, vehicles can receive a boot if they have accumulated unpaid parking fines. Once a vehicle has a boot on it, the owner usually has a specific period, generally around 72 hours, to pay off the fines before the city tows the vehicle. This countdown includes weekends and holidays.

Is it illegal to remove a boot?

Unauthorized removal of a boot is illegal. Regulations specifically prohibit vehicle owners from tampering with, damaging or removing a boot. Anyone caught in the act faces severe consequences, including fines and criminal charges.

Penalties for removing a boot

The penalties for removing a boot in New York can be quite severe. Violators can face substantial fines, typically much more than the original parking fines. Moreover, tampering with a boot can result in criminal charges, including theft of services or criminal tampering.

Alternatives to removing a boot

If your car has a boot, consider legitimate options to resolve the situation. You can pay the fines in full, set up a payment plan with the city, or contest the tickets in court. The city also provides instructions on who to contact for assistance once you pay off your fines, and they will remove the boot.

Trying to take off a boot can lead to additional fines and even criminal charges. Therefore, it is advisable to explore other options to resolve parking fines and remove the boot legally.