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Client Testimonials

Reputations are earned by Commitment to Service, and so with the Mindy Paget Group! Mindy and Jonathan are Consummate Professionals whose Ethics and Performance leave the competition by the Wayside because of the enhanced Contact and Attention to Detail. The Team is always available for Information sharing and the Client is never in a Quandary as to the Status of the Case! Kudos to a Firm that Knows how to get Business Done!!!

– Matthew I.

We have been working with Mindy for over 10 years. She takes care of all our traffic matters in the Traffic Violations Bureau and does the great job. It is such a pleasure to work with her!

– Perla A.

Always a Pleasure. I am a manager for On Site Demolition and I have been working with Mindy for quite a few years now. My trucks receive tickets for overweight and other smaller violations, sometimes 10 violations at one time. Never had to pay for all the tickets received, she managed to get 90% dismissed. Never had any reason to look elsewhere. All my conversations are informative and very personable. Mindy is great in court and often gets most of our cases dismissed and/or reduced. I would definitely recommend The Law Office of Mindy Brill!

– Dani W.



Very knowledgeable and honest attorney, great results. Mindy Brill handled 3 moving violations for me over the past 3 years and got them all dismissed! She was very upfront and explained that the outcome may not be favorable, but luckily for me it was! I am extremely pleased with her services and have recommended her to many friends and some businesses as well.

– Yael D.

Excellent. They are responsive, thorough, respectful and really really really good at their jobs!!!! Thank you!!!

– L L.

My experience with the Firm goes back for at least 6 or 7 years. My problem was our drivers were being ticketed each and every day. I met Mindy at Court years before, kept her business card and called her with this new problem. She has adjudicated numerous cases for us both company and personal and has done an outstanding job every time!

– Vincent F.

Speeding ticket. Took care of the entire matter, to my satisfaction, with no inconvenience. Highly recommend.

– John P.

Great work! I have been using Mindy Paget for many years now. They always get the job done with the best possible outcome and make things simple for me.

– Chris G.

In the unlikely event you receive a moving violation “Just call Mindy.” Professionally Mindy has worked with our Driver Fleet with such great success that I utilize her service for myself and my family. Accomplished and compassionate

– Frank R.

Exceptional Service: Your office is extremely thorough and we appreciate the work you do on behalf of BMLS.

– Anita J.

Great Service. The Attorneys here are very Professional. They took the time out to explain my case and what I should / shouldn’t expect.

– Courtney W.

Excellent service official all day. Mindy is the real deal so keep doing what you do Mindy. Thank you!

– Troy E.

Mindy was incredibly fast and effective. Super helpful.

– Max M.

Good service. Good reliable service and very reasonable prized.

– Andre C.

Professional, Courteous, Friendly and Fast! Mindy is in one word…Amazing! We needed help with DOT Violations. She quickly took our tickets, set up court dates and advised us on the best way to handle the violations. Any questions we had she answered immediately. Many of the violations were dismissed or reduced thanks to her help. We highly recommend The Law Office of Mindy Paget Brill!

– Amanda M.

Best Law Firm. Obtained excellent results every time! No need to go anywhere else for professional and competent service.

– Ron V.